Farzad Tashtarian

Submitted Journal Papers:

  • Shahryari, S, Hosseini Seno, S.A, and Tashtarian. F, “A Novel Framework with an SDN Approach for Throughput Maximization and Balanced Load Distribution in the Cloudlet Network”, submitted to Elsevier Computer Networks (2018)
  • Khosravi, H, Moghaddam, M.H.Y., Tashtarian. F,An Adaptive Network Coding for Guaranteeing VoIP Quality of Service in Wireless Networks”, submitted to Journal of Communications and Networks (2017)
  • Tashtarian, F., Montazerolghaem, A., and Varasteh, A.” Distributed Lifetime Optimization in Wireless SensorNetworks using Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers”, submitted to International Journal of Communication Systems (2017)

Selected Journal Papers:

  • Tashtarian, F., Erfanian. A, and Varasteh, A., “S^2VC: An SDN-based Framework for Maximizing QoE in SVC-Based HTTP Adaptive Streaming”, Elsevier Computer Networks (2018)
  • Tashtarian, F., Sohraby, K., and Varasteh, A.,”Multihop Data Gathering in WSNs with A Mobile Sink”, International Journal of Communication Systems (2017)
  • Tashtarian, F., Majma, M.R. , Pedram, H., & TakhtFooladi, M.D.,”Controlling Mobile Sink Trajectory for Data Harvesting in WSNs”, Wireless Personal Communications 90.3 (2016): 1149-1178
  • Montazerolghaem, A., Moghaddam, M.H.Y., Leon-Garcia, A., Naghibzadeh, M., & Tashtarian, F.,”A Load-Balanced Call Admission Controller for IMS Cloud Computing”, IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, January (2016)
  • Montazerolghaem, A., Hosseini Seno, S. A., Moghaddam, M. H. Y., & Tashtarian, F., ”Overload Mitigation Mechanism for VoIP Networks: A Transport Layer Approach Based on Resource Management”, Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies 27.6 (2016)
  • Tashtarian, F., Moghaddam, M. H. Y., Sohraby, K., & Effati, S., ”On Maximizing the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks in Event-Driven Applications with Mobile Sinks”, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 64.7 (2015)
  • Tashtarian, F., Moghaddam, M.H.Y., Sohraby, K., & Effati, S., ”ODT: Optimal Deadline-based Trajectory for Mobile Sinks in WSN: A Decision Tree and Dynamic Programming Approach.”, Elsevier Computer Networks 77 (2015)
  • Tashtarian, F., Majma, M.R., Pedram, H., & TakhtFooladi, M.D., ”A New Data Dissemination Protocol for Mobile Sink in WSNs”, Research-Scientific Journal of IAUM (In Persian)(2014)
  • Tashtarian, F., Moghaddam, M. H. Y., & Effati, S., ”An Energy-efficient Deadline-based Data Gathering Algorithm In Hierarchical WSN with Mobile Sink”, Journal of Interconnection Networks (2013)
  • Moghaddam, M. H. Y., Tashtarian, F.,& Effati, S., ”A New Application-based Approach for Controlling Trajectory of Mobile Sink in Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Network”, Research-Scientific Journal of IAUM (In Persian), (2013)